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Guide to Open the Door Knob Without a Key |

Guide to Open the Door Knob Without a Key

There is a various method for opening a doorknob without a key. Locksmiths are trained for executing such kinds of operations. Locksmiths use some basic tools for opening a doorknob without a key which include Allen wrench tool, torsion wrench tool, screwdriver, wedge system, drill machine, and automatic bolt opener. Locksmith first inserts the torsion wrench inside the knob for holding the pins down and on another side, they use another narrow tool for twist and turn operations. This type of method works well on manual locks. The twist and turn method are highly popular for constructive doorknob unlocking sequence. For removal of the knob from its position locksmith use a screwdriver for bolt opening. In case of jammed door lock and due to rusty bolts locksmith columbus face difficulty in using tools for the opening doorknob and in such situation, they use their special tool in the form of wedge system.

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