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Lever Handle Locks Introduced by Locksmiths |

Lever Handle Locks Introduced by Locksmiths

The lever handle lock is considered as one of the most superior locks mainly used by the hotel or commercial sector on a large scale. Regarding its construction and functionality lever handle lock works on dual setup. In dual setup, two different locking components are installed on the door by sharing a common base, which means lever which is used for temporary locking unlocking and simply saying that, levers are used for holding the door intact on its position and in another side along with lever handle lock a lock key setup is installed. The lock key setup is important for tightening the security of the door. The lever handle and the key setup both are fitted on the same base plate and this shows that both lever and key setup are interconnected with each other.

Locksmith Boston always suggests using such types of locks within the hotel industry. With its better appearance people also like to use such kind of locks in their offices and many other places.

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