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Every commercial doorway and most housing systems have some method of disconnecting the motor controller. Some have manual cut off buttons, others have keyed locks. In the most primitive situation, a worker could just unplug the motor controller and push a slide bolt into the doorway frame to cover that the door cannot be opened while he is working in the door path of travel. If none of these techniques are appropriate, clamps can be attached to the door frame that stop the movement of the door when appropriately placed.  In any kind of emergency you need 24 hr locksmith services, therefore always hire mobile security professional.

This is eventually the individual accountability of the worker. It may be the liability of the worker’s employer to sufficiently train the worker. But in the ultimate analysis of every jobsite injury where a worker was hit by a piece of moving tools or automated doorway, the worker must take for granted the responsibility for not taking suitable measures to make his place of work safe prior to entering that zone.

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