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Essential Tools For Car Locksmith

1. Key extractor. This tool, as the name suggests, lets locksmiths get back parts of a broken key that was left wedged inside the lock. It can also be used to extract foreign objects that are stuck inside the lock, which prevents a key to do its job and unlocking the lock. 2. Manual lock pick gun. Occasionally simply known as the pick gun, this is one of the oldest locksmith equipment, having been around for about a millennium. An electric version is now also in wide use. This works by applying enough force to the bottom pins of a lock to jostle the upper pins, causing them to move, and voila, the lock unlocks. 3. Plug spinner. Locksmiths use this tool to re-align pins to their proper positions in situations where the lock has been tampered with or after the locksmith has worked on it for repair or maintenance. Locksmith Washington DC may use this tool to raise and shift the key plug. This tool allows locksmiths to raise and move the key...